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DRUMGEES allow you to securely hold objects against a drumhead in any desired position and with any desired tension, making experimentation with tones and effects super fun and simple.


  • The DRUMGEES’ clips quickly and easily attach at two points on a drum rim/hoop to span the DRUMGEES’ cord across a drumhead. The cord is then used to hold objects in place against the drumhea​d

  • The DRUMGEES’ cord is 100lb tensile strength, nylon jacketed bungee cord. The length and tension of the cord is adjustable to allow DRUMGEES to be used on any drum size, and to hold objects of various sizes and shapes

  • The DRUMGEES’ clips are made from durable ABS and Nylon plastics. They are designed to remain tightly in place while taking a beating, without damaging your rims/hoops

  • Rim DRUMGEES are designed to work on all standard single-flange, double-flange, triple-flange, curved and die-cast hoops

  • Kick DRUMGEES are designed to work on all standard bass drum hoops

  • DRUMGEES were invented and are distributed by Jacob, a mechanical engineer and longtime drummer/ percussionist in Houston, Texas

  • DRUMGEES are proudly made in a sweaty garage in the USA

  • Patent Number 10,614,782.

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